Our Solution

Faster, Better RFP and ITT Responses


Exgence AI is an artificial intelligence solution to help sales people and pre-sales specialists respond to RFPs and ITTs from potential clients.   

Complete responses in half the time, with greater accuracy and effectiveness. 

1. Upload responses to historical client documents, product manuals or other technical information. 


2. Let the system analyse any new set of client requirements

3. Use our plug-ins for familiar office tools to simply find the best and most complete answer to questions in any new document


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“The solution uses our unique Semantic Object Model (SOM) technology in conjunction with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, which allows the system to understand natural language text and interpret the meaning of any question or answer.

This lets us find answers to any new question based on the body of information uploaded into the system.

Machine Learning normally relies on ​vast amounts of historical data. Companies who respond to ITTs and RFPs normally don't have so much data to rely on.  The SOM technology and the Exgence AI architecture allows our solution to provide effective results, based on a handful of prior ITT / RFP responses.